On The Night Shift 2012

Images by Steve Eggleton

About the Performance

A brand new event featuring Les Commandos Percu and a selected cast of UK percussionists and dancers. We follow the performers from the first selection rehearsal January 2012 to the shows at Bowness & Preston. Through the first two rehearsals at the Lantern House in Ulverston things satart to come together. With two extra percussionists from France the drummers are fluently running through complete sections of the piece. The dancers meanwhile are creating fully choreographed sections. When both groups come together the scenes form into complete works. Rehersal 3 at Zion Arts in Manchester, only two short days but more dances are fully compleated and the bass is added to the percussion section. The fourth rehearsal takes place in Toulouse at the HQ of Les Commandos Percu. The percussionists get their hands on the full range of drums and the dancers are coached in handling pyrotechnics. Back in the UK. The fifth rehearsal takes place in Manchester. Ironing out the small glitches & inconsistencies and reworking the trampoline sections and a full run through to check consistency. On The Night Shift. Rehearsal 6, one week to the show. Assebling all the drums at the Lanterhouse in Ulverston and trying out some new fireworks. On The Night Shift. First performance at Bowness on 21st June 2012. It rained and rained and rained, but everyone had a great time. Second UK performance at Prston (Guild).


on the night shift 2012