Greenwich & Docklands International Festival 2015

Images by Steve Eggleton

About the Festival

GDIF takes place in June 2015 with the main opening show on Friday evening, "Kori Kori", a walking show that moves through the colledge gardens, singging, dancing & performing en-route with set peices at a number of points. Over the weekend In front of the Cutty Sark "Sens Dessus Dessous" by Collectif Malunes with great accrobatics and "8 Songs" by Gandini Jugling with thir usual polised performance skills. The weekend continued with a number of performances in the main area at King Charles Lawn/Monument Gardens with a large scale show "451" in Bethnal Green bsed on the novel of Ray Bradbury, set in a future where firemen burn things. With The Four Fridas being staged t Woolwich during the week.